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TELL and TRAiN Expands and Rebrands to ‘Marketing Trail Guide’

by Jul 10, 2019Marketing, Storytelling

Orange County, CA. (July 2019) – Three years ago, KCK Consulting, LLC started doing business as ‘TELL and TRAiN’ to help other businesses better tell their stories and train their customers, partners and employees. Now, the boutique Orange County-based firm is rebranding as ‘Marketing Trail Guide’ (MTG) to reflect their expanding offering and value to other OC businesses.

“The old name was too narrow for the complete set of services we now offer,” said OC native and Founder, Kevin Krusiewicz. “Our new name lets people know we’re here to be their marketing guide, no matter what part of the entrepreneurial journey they find themselves on.”

The idea for the new brand name came from Krusiewicz’s love for the outdoors. Having grown up on the trails and slopes of the Sierras, the connection between marketing and the outdoors came to him like a bolt of lightning.

“Entrepreneurs are facing an unprecedented amount of choices and unknowns when it comes to marketing – a real wilderness. Knowing whether to turn right or left (or around) isn’t always easy. Like on the trail, having a map and a seasoned guide can be a welcome relief.”

Services from MTG include marketing funnels, WordPress design/development, and content production of various types, such as video, pitch decks, and copywriting. Recent additions include re/branding, Marketing Automation/CRM consulting vis-a-vis a new partnership with HubSpot, and Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (vCMO) services – where clients get access to a seasoned marketing executive at a fraction of the cost of an employee.

Enabling the new offerings is a growing MTG team. Newer is Lily Villeda who heads up rebranding, creative direction and project management. Her deep experience working with big brands at ad agencies makes her a crucial addition.

MTG will continue the partnership with Donald Miller that began in 2017 as a StoryBrand Certified Guide. “We will always serve our customers by helping them tell their stories and train their people in fresh and compelling ways,” says the MTG Founder. StoryBrand is a key part of that strategy.”

Later this Summer, Mr. Krusiewicz will guest on Pragmatic Live, Pragmatic Institute’s (formerly Pragmatic Marketing) podcast, where he’ll be discussing the importance of developing personas and their relation to brand and product marketing. Sources say that MTG itself is currently experimenting with podcast production and may officially add this to their list of offerings later this year.

About Marketing Trail Guide
Most entrepreneurs know that marketing can help them grow, but with all the options today, choosing the best path can be difficult. Marketing Trail Guide provides careful planning and thoughtful guidance so leaders can make confident decisions and take their business to new heights.

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