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Content Marketing Catalog

Gear up for your marketing journey.

B2B Marketing Funnels

Times have changed. In B2B, as much as 60% of the buyer’s journey happens before they ever interact with a sales person.

Do you want to be part of that first 60%? Be sure that your competitors do.

Whether you’re launching a new offering or just want to reinvigorate your current business development efforts, building a marketing funnel helps you become an established authority in the minds of your prospects by educating them first, before you put your sales hat on. This approach is proven to increase your likelihood of being included in a buying consideration.

Funnels take all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but (almost) always include the following components:


1. The Lead Magnet

Capture leads by providing value or solving a problem in the form of a download, assessment, or video series.

2. The Email Series

After opting in, nurture new subscribers through the buyers journey with additional value.

3. The Call to Action

Provide an easy way for new subscribers to schedule an appointment with your sales team.

4. Traffic

What good is a funnel if nobody sees it? Our traffic service uses AI to optimize your traffic spend across hundreds of platforms and websites.

Be part of the 60%. Implement a marketing funnel to educate and nurture your prospects to the point of sale.

Video Content

“Stop thinking of ‘video marketing’ as this separate entitity that is optional for your business. Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every asepct of your exsiting marketing efforts.”

James Wedmore

Marketing Videos

There’s no time for fluff. Tell your story succinctly and clearly.

Styles: 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, live shot and stock

Uses: Websites, social media, advertising, events

Product Explainers

Before people will buy your product or service, they must understand it first.

Styles: 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, narrated slide decks

Uses: Websites, sales, presentations, events

Technical Tutorials

Reduce the cost of learning your offering, increase product adoption and customer sat.

Styles: 2D/3D animation, motion graphics, webinars, slide decks

Uses: knowledgebase, e-learning platforms, onboarding, client support

Guiding you through every step of video production.


Concept, script writing, visual development, and storyboarding.


Voice over, 2D and 3D animation, screen and live shot capture.


Video editing, music and sound engineering.


Make sure your video gets seen on the web.


YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, WordPress set up.

Take the first step to telling your story through video.

Pitch decks

Investor, Product, and Donor Pitches

If you want to motivate people to invest in your startup, buy your product, or donate to your cause, don’t give them death by Powerpoint. Instead, speak to your audience personally, touching their heads and hearts.

Using the ingredients common to all the Great Stories and the right mixture of facts and emotion, we’ll make your presentation memorable and effective.


Web Content | Email Copy | Ad Copy

Whether writing copy for ads, email marketing, websites or landing pages, it’s crucial to understand the story your target audience is living within every day – only then will they be open to your communication.

Once we understand what your target really wants as the hero in their own story, we write you into the script as their Guide who helps them overcome the obstacles and finally grasp what they’ve been reaching for.

What other travelers are saying

“We wanted a video to tell our story. Kevin took the time to truly learn about our business, challenges, and opportunities and to help us unify and verbalize our value proposition. In the end we got much more than just a video; we now have a more unified sales approach and message that helps our prospects know who we are and why they should consider working with us. Our meetings with prospects are more productive and our sales process is more efficient.”

Jeff Dreiling
Co-Founder – Complete Technology

“We had tremendous opportunities for growth, but we were concerned because we lacked the enablement resources to fully capitalize on them. Kevin was able to quickly understand our challenges, map out a comprehensive solution, and create compelling resources that positioned us to seize the opportunities before us. As a result, we have faster sales engagements, more thorough customer onboarding, and better customer support interactions. Their help has been invaluable.”

Nick East
CEO – Zynstra

“In our early stages, we knew that finding a comprehensive marketing and training strategy would be critical for growth. Through the production of captivating animated videos, tutorials, webinars, product documentation, e-learning, and email and social media marketing, Kevin helped us attract, recruit and train thousands of people including employees, channel personnel, and customers. The importance of his assistance is hard to overstate.”

Shawn Kennedy
CEO – eDepoze

“I wanted to tell a well-crafted story for my investor’s pitch but I felt unprepared and anxious. I knew I needed an expert in storytelling. Kevin helped me organize my thoughts and tell my story using an innovative yet easy-to-use method. He proved to be very knowledgeable and truly cared for my success. He went the extra mile by providing examples of other pitch stories that were successful. As a result, I delivered my pitch with confidence, and now I have a seed VC firm interested in taking next steps. Thank you!”

Alpa Patel
Founder – Spaceez

“We often found it challenging to deliver our message to clients with clarity and simplicity, which affected my confidence when those conversations did not go my way. Kevin followed a proven formula to deal with this problem, helping us create a communication framework aligned to our brand’s purpose. The process was very easy yet focused.”

Andrés Karam
Account Executive – MX Lightforce

“We wanted to grow our business but I was concerned that we were losing website leads and having trouble breaking through the noise. Kevin listened to our story, challenged our assumptions, and helped us develop a simplified message using the StoryBrand framework. Now I have new clarity about our brand and feel equipped to take our website to the next level so we can capture more leads and increase revenue.”

Adam Robinson
Marketing Manager – Cerasis

“As a young legaltech startup, we knew that getting our message right would be vital to attracting additional investors and finding product market fit, but we were frustrated by our internal attempts to find the right words. Using a very defined process, Kevin brought a fresh set of eyes to our messaging challenge, helping us to explain our value proposition with unique clarity and conviction. As a result, we are much more confident in our ability to compel our target audience and feel empowered to “cross the chasm” and hasten a profitable exit.”

Thadd Hale
CEO – Vector Legal Method

We wanted to expand our ministries but were feeling overwhelmed and ineffective because we didn’t know how to get results. Kevin partnered with us, quickly brought clarity to our story through the BEST STORY WINS workshop, and is now coaching us on a game plan to help us achieve our goals. Now we feel hopeful and equipped to increase enrollment and effectively move our ministries forward with long-term independence.”

Rosemarie Fisher
Principal – Trinity Lutheran Christian School